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"Приятно е да бъдеш възмутен: едновременно чувстваш другите виновни и съзнаваш собственото си превъзходство."
Атанас Далчев

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#quoteoftheday #inspiration - faut se motiver le lundi matin 🙈
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#quoteoftheday #inspiration - faut se motiver le lundi matin 🙈

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I never understood why people always want to take things slow. It made no sense to me. If that person is going to leave eventually, why not rip them off like a bandaid? Instead you let them inject cancer into your heart. I’ve heard that the heart is the one place you can’t get cancer; but everyone seems to forget about love, how it builds up colonies inside you and tears down each ventricle one by one. It’s a pain that stays and reverberates, a pain that is ruthless. It seeps through your veins, cutting out your weakest parts first. Then it weakens what used to be your strongest parts. It oozes through the arteries and drains back into the heart. And drains. And drains. And drains. It’s a vicious cycle, perhaps eternal. That is why I choose to leave quickly. I choose to be wild and free because no one has ever loved me the way i need to be loved so desperately.
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